[su_quote cite=”Völuspá – Prophecy of the Völva c.1270″] An ash I know there stands, Yggdrasill is its name, a tall tree, showered with shining loam. From there come the dews that drop in the valleys. It stands forever green over Urðr’s well[/su_quote]

Of all the things I craft and create, re-imaginings of Yggdrasil are one of my favourites.Yggdrasil is the tree of life in Norse mythology that connects the nine realms; on this tree we would be in Midgard or “middle earth”. IMG_20160304_113648

I have always been drawn to trees and wild places. I believe that something primal still lurks beneath the surface of our modern day lives and it screams out for the wild. To be able to connect with nature and the subtle energies which flow freely in wooded places without the steel and concrete of the cities to hinder their movement.

Perhaps it is my destiny to be so drawn to Yggdrasil, even my name calls out to a long lost connection – Ashley means “one of the ash tree” and the great Yggdrasil was believe to be a great Ash tree! As such I suppose it is only fitting that I pay tribute and keep its legend alive however I may.

In keeping with the natural energies I prefer working with copper as it is amazing for conducting energy, as well as gemstones and bone beads for a beautiful flow of energy and materials which could have been used any time in the last couple thousand years.


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