scenes from my workshop

Ahoy and good morning!

Lately I have realized that the more I am happy with my environment, the more work I do. The more inspiring the environment, the more creative I seem to be. I am sure this is true with most people and as such I have decided to share some random scenes from my workshop with you. They change day by day as things get crafted into being. I may do a series every other day or so of scenes from my workshop because why not?

2016-06-27 13.23.42Here is one of my favourite scenes at the moment. Some Easter Parade throws from New Orleans (whilst I was there with NOLA Pyrate should come next year! Seriously it’s awesome!) are draped over 2 white rabbit pelts hanging over a table in progress, a mannequin given to be by an uncle which I have painted purple, a mannequin head that you can write with chalk on, a mirror about to become otherworldly and of course the tasteful country scene print in the background.


May the wind ever sail you towards your true destiny,

Copper Otter Pyrate

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