Reflections in Roses

I, like many people suffer from the inability to sit still for longer than 2-3 minutes at a time with a brain which seems to know naught of silence. Also like many people I have sought out ways to help calm my mind and spirit. What I have found works for me is creating.

Lately I have been completely enamoured with a specific project: Everlasting Roses.

Handcrafted Roses. made from upcycled aluminum and copper
Handcrafted Roses. made from upcycled aluminum and copper

These Roses give me the opportunity to completely invest my focus and concentration (mayhap it is the lack of flowers around which assists in the desire to create these) whilst my body keeps moving. As I am forming each petal, adding layer upon layer of petals to shape the roses I can clear my thoughts and focus on them coming into being to help shape a never ending Summerland with a beautiful bounty of brilliantly coloured gardens. Each rose is handcrafted utilizing upcycled aluminum (cans), copper, paint, and approximately 2-9 hours of patient labour. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

May you find light ( from within and without), love (in all forms) , and laughter (the universes best medicine) along your journey. May you also discover you are far more resilient than you could have ever believed during the trying times.


Copper Otter

The evercreating Pyrate

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