Cleaning and organizing a workshop can be highly beneficial and one has a tendency to rediscover treasures tucked away in safe places. Today this very incident occurred. Upon organizing my work space I  rediscovered some Cicada carapaces I found in the yard last summer ; I then looked to the right and saw the raw amethyst  and thought “hey this would be a neat piece”. I think it is. I hope you also enjoy it!  I present to you Rebirth in Amethyst. Once a Cicada transformed into a winged beauty after bursting out of its carapace and now its transformed again.

To me this piece represents the fact that everything is always in constant motion, things and beings are always moving and changing to a different version of themselves. Just because things seem to come to an end does not make it so, it is always a new beginning whether we see it at the time or not.


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