It is all about the angle of the lens in which we see the world.

The current plague has really inspired me to continue working with the themes of mortality, rebirth, mythology and survival.

It is oddly fitting that my last art installation at the Niagara Falls History Museum was an interactive graveyard and garden with hand aged pages which each participant was handed to contemplate on, with the numbers for the mental health and addictions hotlines on the back.

The three various prompts to encourage one to think about life, mortality and how they want to spend it were

  1. What will I leave behind?
  2. What will I be remembered for?
  3. Eulogy

This last year I have been working more with bones, making them a part of incense holders which symbolizes incense as an offering to the ancestors and also serves as a reminder to our own mortality.

Don’t worry , photos of those pieces shall be up shortly.

I have also been lucky enough to (distanced and masked up) work with a local photographer to capture a yard installation I created; thus making it immortal.

This photo is the first in that series entitled “Offerings”. There is more behind the photos than one would see upon first glance, especially with not always knowing the back story behind the pieces.

As an artist I am not only okay with that, I love it. I love the freedom of art and how it can be open to interpretation. Everyone sees and relates to something completely different in each piece no matter how it is presented as we all view the world from our unique perspectives.
It is all about the angle of the lens in which we see the world.
I am going to be writing up artist statements about each photo; however I would love to read some of your thoughts on the pieces first!

What, in your view, is the story behind this shot? Be as creative, simple, complex, honest, fun as ye can!

Stay safe out there in the wild and take care of one another.
Remember, Life is short, treat those around you with kindness, consideration and respect!
All too soon we will all be bones and dust.

I look forward to reading your thoughts.
Copper Otter

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