Hidden sacrifice

The world may never understand the depths of which your emotions and being run through the earth, and that is okay. As long as we live in a way true to our inner nature there is nothing we cannot handle.

We all make offerings and sacrifices during our average day to day. Some are larger than others in forms of impact, some we wholeheartedly undervalue or glance over.  We must make sure these sacrifices, no matter how mundane they may seem, are serving a greater purpose than the loss and sorrow they cause. One must choose their battles wisely, yes. However we must also look at the impact our words, actions, relationships and jobs have on us as a being.

Not everything, everyone,every job is worthy of the sacrifices we make for them.

Choose your pathways and battles wisely. Never let them fully strip you of your wild nature. That is where your power resides.

Never stop fighting for a life ye love,

Copper Otter

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