Feeling Feral

Mayhaps it is the change of seasons, the cool weather turning into finally hiking and exploring warmth, Mayhaps it was last months adventures into the unknown and untamed lands and bayous; perhaps it was both. Whichever the cause(s) the result is a wild feeling with a need for something untamed and overgrown. This has lead me to create this piece “feral moon”.

This piece features hammered out copper and brass with a Moonstone center. I created the piece too look as if the full moon was turned into a wild entanglement of vines and moonstone seemed to be the perfect fit to highlight this piece. Moonstone is believed to be the “travelers stone” aiding in protection especially at night, also especially on water; Perfect for the inner Pyrate in all of us.

I hope this pendant inspires you to do something outside the confines of a city, and maybe unlocks that piece buried deep within you that wants to howl at the moon and roam the wild lands.

Safe travels on your life journey,

Copper Otter

"feral moon" hammered out brass and copper, Moonstone
“feral moon” hammered out brass and copper, Moonstone

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