Fall into destiny

So I can admit it. I have been slacking. I let life, fear, doubts, frustrations, even tumultuous flashbacks get the better of my psyche the last while. I never stopped creating art , or doing shows. In fact I had my first Fine art festival ( Carmel Fine art and music festival) in September. I also had my first art installation at a museum ( Niagara Night of art at the Niagara Falls History Museum) and yet my inner self felt as though I was floundering. Drowning in my own maelstrom of events as life , ever changing unfolded around me, past and present ever battling for control.

Now however things are starting to come together, the fall is the perfect time for that. To let the past gracefully float back to where it belongs as the leaves slowly turn into a plethora of colours and find their place among the earth once more as they lazily make their descent into their destiny.  Just as their form breaks down and enriches the soil they lay upon , so too does the events of the past enrich our mind and spirit to better prepare us for the future. To inspire us in all their intrepid beauty to never stop fighting for a better tomorrow, to never give up fighting for a life that you love. Once more unbound by the confines and chains one has placed on their limits due to various circumstances.

Now is the time to move forward growing ever more fearless and breaking through barriers to become braver than ever before. Now is the time when the creative spirit morphs and takes wing to fall back in love with the mundane and the cruel as the two collide to form a destiny seemingly brought forward by the chaos theory of the universe.

Now is the time for a new reality to be born.


May the wind ever carry ye towards your destiny,

Copper Otter Pyrate


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