Delirious Rainbows warm the soul

One of my favourite graphic novels is one my friend Kyle introduced me to when I was a couple years younger and a few thousand miles away from my current geographical location. It was one that would have a profound impact on my views of the world and even how I viewed myself. This was Neil Gaiman’s  Sandman.  My favorite character was delirium. I felt a kinship with her , with enjoying the simple things in life ; which include butterflies and rainbows and all the little swirly bits. All while creating ones own reality.

Now that I make my own reality every day with my creations I felt it was time to honour the lady delirium. To inspire  to make someone smile, to make one feel deliriously delighted through a visual presence. I designed these roses. These are not completed yet. they are still lacking some fishies and swirly bits. However the rainbows are here and they make me smile at their presence. Please stay tuned to see the progression of roses which , if Delirium had a garden, might be present there.


Upcoming Shows!

June 11th 2016- NPGS Gem Show, Heartland forest Niagara Falls, 10am-5pm

June 18th 2016-Rock n Roll Swap n Sell , Queen street, Niagara Falls, 1pm-7pm

July 1st 2016- Niagara Arts Showcase at the Canada Day festivities Queen Street , Niagara Falls, 9am-5pm

July 2nd 2016-Summer Of  Love open house, Oracle Art Gallery 289 High St., Fort Erie , 1pm-4pm

July 9th-10th 2016 – Niagara Lavender Festival, 758 Niagara stone rd, Niagara-On-The-Lake , times revealed at a later date.

NEW DATE ! SEPT 24 2016 Autumn Psychic & Wellness Expo , Heartland forest , Niagara Falls, 10am-5pm

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