Midgard Metal Works is managed by Ashley Marazzo (aka Copper Otter) – an eclectic creature who can usually be found in her shiny and sage infused workshop, creating one of a kind musings, which declare they must exist outside her cranium! She is inspired by History, Mythology, Nature and everyday events. Her art incorporates various metals (copper, brass, stainless steel, silver), gemstones and other natural elements such as leather and wood.

The art of bringing pieces into life with historical, mythological or fairy tale references is something which brings great joy. To show that things are not always as they first appear and with patience and determination, one can accomplish anything.
The challenge of creating pieces out of wire, stone and bone is great. After many learning curves, it provides a deep satisfaction in that final moment when a piece comes together.
The goal is always to inspire others and to create pieces which provoke thoughts that though the link between the past and present is great, just maybe, fairy tales can exist if you believe hard enough and are open to new possibilities!

Copper Otter
Copper Otter & Treasures